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What our clients are saying...

Our special day made that bit more special having Demos with us capturing every moment that only Demos knows how. We would recommend Demos without any hesitation. He has a wonderful photographic style which really captures the essence of the characters he is portraying. Demos came to take photos on the morning of our wedding day and we had such a laugh that he made the morning great fun! He managed to get all the shots he needed whilst still fitting in with what we were doing and the whole process was completely stress free.The photos Demos took are absolutely stunning and capture our perfect day fantastically and so natural...If you book his services you are guaranteed great photographs!

~ Nav & Harriet Newly Weds

I have been using demosphotography for well over a year now, and refuse to use any one else, he is very professional and knows exactly what i'm looking for in my photo shoots. when photographing my models he always makes them feel comfortable and at ease. Once the shoot is done all the images are easily accessible from the website, i love the way with just a few clicks you can download your chosen pictures which have been edited and finished by demos.

~ Joe Wise Director, BulletProof GymWear

Demos provided an excellent service and helped us with the decisions involving the photography of our event. He was quick to respond to our email and calls and was easy to get along with. Finally it was very easy to purchase and download prints from the website. All in all a top class service.

~ Robert Walker

Demos Photos are amazing quality. He is a true professional but sensitive to the nature of the event. He came to our event and blended in as if he was a guest which enabled life pictures. He was invisible. He managed to capture everyone and everything. My partner and I can really relive the joyous occasion through the pictures. From Decor to attendance. From start to finish. He really captures the atmosphere in the pictures. To add, the Quality! The qaulity of the pictures are flawless. We couldnt belive how fresh the shots were. Delivery of the pictures are also very prompt. Demosphotography is a photgrapher to recommend. I have!

~ Newly married and mother Mrs. P Bempah
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